Why 'Real Food'?

How much do we really know about what we are feeding our dogs?

In recent years we have seen an explosion in cancer, heart, liver, kidney and bone problems. We have also seen an increase in skin disorders and allergies. Could this be the result of our dogs not getting the food they need to be healthy animals?

Fresh vegetables that we use in our meatloaf.

As a breeder and dog owner, commercially processed food was always a mystery to me. I decided to learn more about the premium "complete and balanced" diet that I had been purchasing and loyally feeding to my dogs.

Most of the major dog food companies are divisions of giant food conglomerates. Every day they create tons of by-product from the manufacture of human foods. It is good business to use this "garbage" in the manufacture of pet food. But is it good for our pets?

Most of the money that you spend on commercially processed food goes to fancy packaging, advertising, retailing and profit. How much of what you are paying do you think goes to the actual ingredients?  Very little.

The owner with some puppies.
A picture of our chicken meatloaf.


I was shocked to learn what ingredients are actually used in the manufacture of pet food. Our dogs rely on us to provide them with proper nutrition. As pet owners it is our responsibility to question exactly what we are feeding them.


I can tell you that my dogs are now so excited at mealtime that they literally dance for their dinner.

Real food for dogs is just as it sounds - made with the same ingredients that you put on your dinner table - real food.

Each day our kitchen is busy preparing meals for thousands of dogs. Ground beef, chicken or lamb, chopped fresh vegetables, whole eggs, sunflower oil, stone ground flours, herbs and supplements are mixed together and baked in small trays. Fresh from the oven the food keeps for 4 to 5 days in the refrigerator...just like your own leftovers. However, most of the meatloaf is frozen to preserve it, without the use of chemicals, and out the shop door in days, directly to our customers own freezers.

Once thawed the trays are easily divided and can feed any size dog. It's so simple...just thaw and serve.

A selection of our meatloaf containers.